Sample of Activities and Excursions




For the visitor, the colorful and majestic setting of Bora Bora offers unlimited possibilities with a terrific selection of activities and excursions for honeymooners and vacationers.


- Swimming & Snorkeling    

Go downhill to our private little sandy beach and swim for hours with colourful tropical fish in warm turquoise pristine clean water. You can see even more fish if you feed them with bread.

To the southeast of the island, at Motu Roa is the Coral Garden, a natural underwater park where you will find a spellbinding world of fish and coral. is considered to be another exceptional snorkeling site on the island. Take advantage of free snorkelling to the Coral Garden and free motu excursion when having a great gourmet buffet lunch at the Intercontinental Hotel.



- Biking    





A great way to see the island! Healthy and fun, cycling is a really fun activity. You can rent a bike. The bicycles are usually in decent shape. The relatively flat, good quality, paved road circling the entire island make this form of transportation probably the best combination of price versus functionality on Bora Bora



- Motu Picnic    





Imagine spending the day on a very exotic motu (islet) for a romantic secluded picnic. This is a true Tahitian experience that is not to be missed.



- Rental Car    





Once again, we recommend you rent our car during your stay at "Villa Vahimanui". Beside preventing you to depend on a cab for transfer to and from Vaitape for shopping, it’s easy to get around the island of Bora Bora on its 20-mile circle-island road.

You’ll pass villages and archaeological sites, with wildflowers, ferns and giant palms bordering the route. There are lots of place to stop whenever you want for a drink or a snack enroute.




- Jeep Safari    

Head off the beaten track on this daredevil, four-wheel drive adventure. Climb to dizzying heights and discover sacred sites in Bora Bora's virgin mountain interior. Half day from 68USD per person.



Tel. (689) 67 75 06





- Shark Feeding    

One of the most popular activities is shark feeding where from chest-deep water you can see local divers feed by hand 4' to 5' reef sharks or a large group of friendly gray rays. It's a lot of fun and totally safe.

Here you can snorkel with the rays and watch the sharks being fed. Nervous passengers can stay in the canoe! The all day excursion includes a picnic lunch served on a motu.


Patrick's Activities




- Helicopter Sightseeing    

Soar like a bird over Bora Bora’s multi-colored lagoon and lushly forested interior. Get a closer look at misty Mount Otemanu and see why no one has ever been able to climb to the top of this fabulous basalt obelisk.
30 minutes - from $300 per person




- Hiking    

A guide escorted hike to Mount Pahia is a fairly difficult trek and takes two hours each way. The tour leads you through orchards, a forest and then up to the summit of Pahia where a breathtaking view awaits you. Check with Pahia Heights Adventure who offer hikes for experienced walkers.

On the trek from Nunue to Anau hikers can see the Television Transmission Tower, catch a panoramic view of Motu Pitiaau islet, and glimpse neighboring Raiatea and Tahaa. Hikers who opt to climb Mt. Pahia will be rewarded for their stamina with a sprawling, peak-top view of the island. Bring good shoes, a day's supply of water and a conquering attitude.

(689) 67.77.73.

Mr. Hubert TEMARII


Includes picnic and R/T transfers. Full day hikes


- Fishing    





The best sportsfishing in Bora Bora can be enjoyed just outside the island's reef in various size fishing boats, from 20 foot center consoles, to 45' sportsfishers. Any of these daily charters can easily be arranged. Costs vary depending on boat size and location, and start at about $250 per day. Fishing takes place outside the lagoon, trawling for small tuna, mahi mahi, yahoo and various types of billfish.
Fly fishing or fishing from shore or in the lagoons is almost nonexistent due to the shallowness of the lagoons and the type of fish present.


- Catamaran Charter    





Set sail for a carefree afternoon aboard the deluxe, 50 ft. Tara Vana. Or escape for two days, giving yourself over to the trade winds, fishing, or just drifting along in search of the perfect motu. Exceptionally stable, a catamaran sail is heaven on water, for both salty seadogs and landlubbers alike.
Half day charter - $800. Overnight charter - $1,800.


- Sailboat    





Set sail for neighboring islands, or simply circle Bora Bora. Whatever you choose, sailing in Bora Bora is an enchanting experience. Most of the cruise companies on the island of Bora Bora can arrange day trips on request, and are similarly amenable to extended charters. Hop aboard a catamaran or motorized canoe and enjoy shark feeding, snorkeling, reef walking or beachcombing  


- Horseback Riding    
Ranch Reva Reva offer moonlight rides as well as 4 daily rides. They are located on Motu Piti Aau near Le Meridien Hotel. Ride fine New Zealand-bred horses along the white sand islets of Bora Bora. Some ranches on the island offer moonlight rides on request.


- Lagoonarium
  Here you can observe and even safely swim with Manta Rays, Sea Turtles and other sea life. Lagoonarium is located near Le Meridien Resort.  

- 4 x 4 Excursions
Travel off-road to the interior of the island along old military tracks. The trip offers great views to the neighboring islands of Raiatea, Tahaa and Maupiti.

- Shark Feeding
One of the most popular excursions on the island! Take a boat trip out into the lagoon with Shark Boy of Bora Bora.

- Dining out in one of the many BORA BORA fine restaurants

- Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving

Graceful manta ray and hundreds of neon-bright reef fish greet you as you descent into the lagoon, marveling at its natural beauty and abundant sealife

NEMO WORLD : www.nemodivebora.com

TOP DIVE : www.topdive.com

BLUE NUI DIVE CENTERS: www.bluenui.com




June-July : Annual Heiva I Tahiti

This is the oldest, the biggest and the most famous of all yearly celebrations in Tahiti. Visitors from all over the world come to Tahiti each year just to witness this month-long, fun-filled, colorful, entertaining and amusing celebration, during which life in these islands focuses on what Tahitians do best- having fun.

October : Annual stone-fishing event

This event draws several thousand visitors from overseas and throughout French Polynesia. Wearing pareus and crowns of ferns, the fishermen stand up in the bow of their flower-decorated outrigger canoes and drive a variety of beautiful fish into a huge net held up by a human chain of spectators. The fishermen drive the fish by beating the surface of the lagoon with coral stones that are tied to the end of a long rope. This celebration also includes folkloric dancing and singing, exhibits of arts and crafts and agricultural products as well as ocean outrigger canoe races. The stone-fishing ceremony on the last day is followed by a huge Tahitian evening feast with dancing and an award ceremony.

November : Annual Hawaiki Nui outrigger canoe race

This marathon race is held over 3 days between the Leeward Islands of Huahine, Raiatea, Tahaa and Bora Bora. This is a combination of sport, cultural and touristic events, allowing participants and spectators to discover the natural beauty of the 4 Leeward Islands along with the charm and hospitality of each island's population.


The following islands can be easily reached by either air -AIR TAHITI- or boat -MAUPITI EXPRESS-


Located only 15 miles South West of Bora, Raiatea is the largest island and the administrative center of the Leeward Islands (Iles Sous Le Vent) sharing its lagoon with the neighbor island of Tahaa (88km2) only 3 miles away.

Raiatea, the sacred island, was considered to be the very cradle of Polynesian civilization (Havai'i) by her ancestors; the geographical heart of the ma'ohi culture (forming Hawaii-New Zealand-Easter island) and the birthplace of the god Oro (god of fertility and of war). It was Oro who was attempting to overthrow Ta'aroa (god of creation) when the Europeans first arrived in this pacific triangle.

Both Raiatea and Tahaa have a few taxis, and Raiatea operates a public transit system, Le Truck, with daily routes from outlying villages to the main town of Uturoa.

On the mount Temehani (772m), and nowhere else in the world, grows a unique and protected flower: the Tiare Apetahi, white flower with four petals, bigger and more open than the ones of the Tiare Tahiti, and that only opens at dawn with a slight crackling sound. Many locals sleep overnight on the mountain to be able to hear that sound...

Raiatea also has the deepest bay in Polynesia: the bay of Faaroa.
Winding through a lush rainforest, the Faaroa River is the only navigable river in Polynesia.
Place to visit: the bassin de la Reine, Queen's Pool; the marae Taputapuatea, the Belvedere on Mt. Tapioi (294m), the Mt. Temehani with its tiare apetahi, the site Te Puhapa, the vanilla plantations...


Tahaa is an enjoyable island to explore at a slower pace. The coral reef surrounding the flower-shaped island is crowned with as many as 60 tiny, idyllic motus perched above the North shore. A road that is nearly 70 kms in length circles the coastal plain. Along the way you will discover eight attractive and tranquil villages with Patio being the main one.
Much of Tahiti's harvest of vanilla is grown on this small island. Plantation tours include strolling among the rows of climbing orchids from which the vanilla pods come and a demonstration of the pollination and curing process.

To visit: the Foundation Hibiscus for the protection of sea turtles, the pearl farms, the vanilla plantations..

Festivals & Events:
November: Stone Fishing Tournament. In the method of their ancestors, men in dozens of canoes beat the water with stones tied to ropes while the schools of fish are driven ashore where they are easily collected for an extravagant feast



Located at only 40 km from Bora Bora, Maupiti is a small island with a superficy of a little less than 20 km2 that you can tour by foot or by bicycle in about half a day.
This island, which has been inhabited since at least 850 A.C, has at least 60 marae including the impressive marae Vaiahu.
The crystal-clear waters of its lagoon with its swirling sandbanks challenge Bora Bora in beauty.
Preferably with a guide, you can hike up the cliff of Hotu Parata (165m) for a stunning view